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Drew International: Off-Shore Oil & Gas Solutions

Drew Marine, a Drew International company, is service focused, customer-oriented and has consistently raised the bar for safety while simultaneously improving operational performance. Our selection of specialty chemicals for oilfield applications utilize our strengths in water treatment solutions, fuel management and maintenance cleaning chemicals. 

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Best-in-Class Products & Programs

Our US EPA registered biocides can be used to prevent the proliferation of harmful microbes in oilfield water treatment drilling mud, and workover or completion fluids or field process water, pipeline and tank maintenance and fuel/feedstock tanks. They work especially well for the control of sliming and/or spoilage bacteria.

Drew International offers best-in-class diesel engine, cooling water treatment programs along with evaporator and reverse osmosis treatment and descaling programs. Our available maintenance chemicals have a minimal environmental impact and meet the strict requirements of the oil and gas industry while providing optimal cleaning.

Our people, combined with our operations record, allow Drew International to deliver the highest level of performance for our business partners. 

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